The X Club, Mississauga: 4.5/5

First Published 12/29/2013

The X club is located in an industrial area of Mississauga, right off Hwy 401. It is conveniently close to major hotels and restaurants. The X Club’s location is suitable and discrete. There is plenty of discrete parking behind the club.

The club’s décor is very classy. White and black leather couches, draped fabric and raised seating. There is a large screen that shows a variety of music videos and pornography after 11pm. What caught our eye first were the two stripper poles that cradled the dance floor!  There are no go-go dancers at this club, which allows the guests to become the entertainment. The club’s demographic would be ages 25-50+.

The club recently underwent a major renovation adding 4,000 square feet to the play area,  more white leather couches and another stripper pole on the way to the washrooms.

The staff at this club is very friendly and make it a point to know who their clients are.  New members are identified by a different colour wrist band which allows the owners and/or host couple to greet them and give them a full tour of the club.  Not a lot of clubs actually give this much attention to new members.

The music at the club is generally dance/house/top 40′s.  Note that the DJ changes every two weeks if you tend to favour one over the other.

The back area of the club is advertised by a Vacancy/No Vacancy sign, allowing guests to know if there is still room to play.  Don’t let this stop you from playing in the main club area.  The couches and even the dance floor tend to heat up from time to time.

As you head to the back area, no alcohol is allowed, you will be shown to a locker and provided with towels. The keys for these lockers are held onto by the staff working the back area.  There are private rooms on a first come first serve basis and the option to leave the curtains open is completely up to you.

There are large group showers with working hot water for before, during, or after play. Group play areas have either canopy style beds or large marine grade vinyl mattress’ to play alone or with “new” friends. A voyeur area with a window has been added for those not ready to participate.  There is also a mezzanine area that can be rented for the night should you have a large group of friends to get acquainted with.

The X Club is one of the classiest clubs in the Greater Toronto Area.  If you are visiting Toronto then a visit to this club is a must.  The X Club is Naughty Duo Approved.  For more information and a calendar list of events visit www.thexclub.com.

LOCATION:  Location is easy to get to and off the highway; Hotels close by are Marriott Residence Inn and a Comfort Inn; Parking is good, plenty of it at no cost.
APPEARANCE: Club is clean, classy and upscale; Play Area is well maintained and very clean; Washrooms are at both ends of the club and provide you with wipes, mouthwash and body lotion.
DEMOGRAPHIC: The demographic  is between 25-50 with the majority being between 30-40.
EXPERIENCE: Music is mainly dance with some house and top 40′s ; Atmosphere and Social Interaction can vary depending on the crowd, theme of the night and time of year; Drinks are well priced and the bar is fully staffed; Service is a priority at this club with staff to take care of all areas.

Naughty Duo Rating:  4.5/5        4.5 lips stamp3-approved-grunge


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